In 2012, Julia B. June took over Living Walls, a business first begun by Joshua Klyber. All of the pictures on this website reflect her projects, either solo , or in collaboration. She’s been working with natural materials for the last six years and is part of a collective of other builders called Clay Play, which facilitates bringing earthen projects into schools. June was the natural building coordinator for the Village Building Convergence for four years, and co-facilitated the Natural Building Colloquium of 2013. Though she often works alone, June also enjoys collaborating with other skilled artisans, learning and sharing with them.

June takes great pleasure in exploring the range of possibilities within plaster. She’ll dig the subsoil from your yard and bring it to beauty on your wall, or can help you choose from the American Clay colors and finishes palette. One of the most important aspects of the process for her, is how dramatic and meaningful changing one’s living space can be for a client.

When a house is plastered with clay or lime, it comes alive, shifting as the light transitions throughout the day. The plaster brings with it a textural beauty that begs to be touched and a sense of authenticity and warmth hat so much of the latex world lacks. Applications over drywall as well as natural and green systems of building, such as cob and faswall are all possible.

A healthy interior environment is enhanced with clay and lime.  Air quality is improved. There are no VOCs in the plaster, making it a good choice for those with chemical sensitivities.  The plaster breathes, regulating relative interior humidity, and neutralizing odors. Naturally anti-static, the walls repel dust. As the building industry continues to make structures more energy efficient and sealed, it becomes increasingly more important to have healthy air to breathe.

Many different looks and finishes can be achieved with the plaster, ranging from modern and slick, to rustic, southwestern, or Mediterranean.  These same, simple materials, depending on technique, can go from an exterior plaster to a highly burnished, nearly waterproof application that shines as a shower.